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Created 21-May-13
30 photos

Fern leaves casting shadows on a rockPatty at the Morakai BouldersMorakai BouldersBlanket flower macro.A stream meets the sea. The water in the stream was higher than normal the and sandy bank was melting away under my feet.Aspen in a winter sceneAutumn trees on Shrine PassRemnants of a recent solitary walk along the beachEarly morning fog on Lake Wanaka, NZ. May 2004A kid goat on its way to mother on Mt. EvansLone bison in Yellowstone in springBugling bull elk in September at Rocky Mountain National ParkMountain goat near the summit of Mt. EvansThis gloomy lake caught my eye on the way across New ZealandThis is a small pond that had nearly black dirt in the bottom and dozens of small plants growing in it.This collection of rocks and the patterns in the sand looked like a great black and white image when I saw them on the beach in New Zealand.

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