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Created 21-May-13
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This gallery is made up of historic churches of northern New Mexico. The contrast of the adobe construction (in most cases) against the deep blue sky is very attractive. Many of these churches pre-date their more famous counterparts in New England.
The Bell Tower at San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe, NM. Note the crow on top of the cross keeping watch.Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Santa Fe, NM. This structure dates from the 17th century.The front of the parish church in La Cueva, NM. The bright colors are such a treat.The old church in the Albuquerque Plaza. San Felipe de Neri was constructed in 1793.The bell tower of the church in Springer, NM. This one was interesting for the five crosses on the tower. They stand out beatifully against the very dark blue May sky.The wood work at the church in Watrous, NM reminded me of New England churches with the round window and decoration under the gable.The Santuario de Chimayo. This early 19th-century church draws many visitors based on the charm of the structure and the picturesque spot on the river on which it sits.Statue of St. John on the church at San Juan Pueblo church in New Mexico.The light on the edge of the wall in front caught me eye in this angle. The shapes and the way the colors of the adobe and sky contrast eachother really make this image.Upper floor of the church at Abiquiu. Though not a particularly old church, it was built in an 18th-century style and sits in an historic old town plaza.

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