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Created 21-May-13
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Every year the city of Denver lights up its city and county building. Here is the 2007 edition.This collection of rocks and the patterns in the sand looked like a great black and white image when I saw them on the beach in New Zealand.Bridge and Christine Falls in Mt. Ranier National Park, WAThe colors and shapes of this scene in the Palouse just made a very satisfying image. Such images can be found all over the area.Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, UTMe "surfing" the Wave formation, Escalante Wilderness, UTIntense Stare- This mountain lion was watching my friend's movement, which allowed me to get off this quick head shot.A family walks through the botanic gardens in Christchurch, New ZealandA storm rages on the other side of the Anthracite Range near Gunnision, CO at sunset.Macro of a daisy just before sunriseI liked the illusion of the road running from a colorful aspen forest into the relatively black and white hillside in the distance.Downtown Denver skyline at twilight from Diamond Hill.Threatening clouds move in over a small cemetary at a ruined 19th-century Spanish mission in the Purgatoire River valley.Coyote Buttes in the Escalante Wilderness, UTWith their high contrast, red alders make interesting tree trunk studies. These are from Mt. Rainier National ParkCabin in Iowa Gulch near Leadville

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