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Created 21-May-13
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I like intimate studies of flowers, both wild and home grown. When you find a beautiful field of them though, it is magic.
Looks like a blanket flower suspended in the skyA drooping blanket flower on a rainy morningBluebells covered in dew just after sunriseBacklit sunflowerSpring water runoff gives life to a bank full of flowersI loved the contrast in the colors: blue, yellow and the greensMacro of a daisy just before sunriseThe first flowers in my garden in late February - crocusAn unusual color for paintbrush in ColoradoEarly morning sun from below a backlit blanket flowerGraphic composition of a sunflower with dew at sunriseThe colors burst out on a shady dayBlanket flower profile on a rainy dayInteresting lighting from a flash held aboveLooking inside a large seed pod reveals interesting patternsClose up on the top of an Indian PaintbrushSunflowers and the Flatirons on a sunny morningThe remnants of a burned pine tree and the revival of flowers a year after a forest fireA hillside of flowers with the Flatirons in the backgroundAn interesting volcanic rock in a see of wildflowers

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