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Created 21-May-13
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The conditions for creating this frost existed in a range of just a couple dozen feet one morning. I stopped and photographed for about 45 minutes until it melted away.I liked the patterns that all the light and dark aspen trunks made late on an autumn afternoon. These were photographed in the Gunnison National Forest near Gunnison, COThis dried up wood reminded me of a snake sitting out in the open on the sand near sunset at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.You can often find great patterns and shadows early in the morning and late in the day at Great Sand Dunes National Park.With their high contrast, red alders make interesting tree trunk studies. These are from Mt. Rainier National ParkThese hemlock and red alder trunks were given a special digital treatment to increase the contrast and interest.The leafless aspen contrast nicely to the pine in mid-winter.Frosty pine trees on a wonderful, sunny, winter morning.Early morning view of a small partially ice covered stream and foot bridge.My cherry tree after a snow. Despite the snow, late afternoon light gives the tree a warm feeling.Ivy threatens to overtake the steps to the beach along the northern California coast.Close in on a late-season sunflower. The shallow depth-of-field highlights the patterns of the seeds.

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