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Created 21-May-13
45 photos

That special light near the beginning and the end of the day makes for some very special images. Even though many of these images required awakening very early and trekking around in the cold, wind, and dark, I have cherished the days that produced each of these photographs. I hope you enjoy them.
Ice reflects the pink clouds directly above while orange dominates the horizonExceptionally intense color with some reflecting ice in the foregroundSunrise on Clear CreekThe Flatirons outside Boulder at sunrise in autumnWith a little more light the stream becomes more apparentPretty pinks and blues reflected in the ice.One of many windmills and an out-building in western KansasWind-blown tree on the Kansas prairie at sunriseThe remains of an old pier make a nice foreground for this sunset at Lake QuinaultFierce looking mammatus clouds at sunsetMt. Ypsilon at sunrisePike's Peak as seen from Garden of the Gods State ParkSunset walk on the beachThe clouds above seemed to mimick the stream creating a ribbon of lightMedano Creek in Great Sand Dunes NPShot during the fires in Yellowstone NP whose smoke created stunning sunrises/sunsets in Colorado tooLenticular clouds at sunset near DenverThe streaks of light in the water caught my eye

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