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The images in this gallery all have buildings as their primary focal point. Most include interesting landscapes too. The types of buildings vary from medieval castles and cathedrals to modern skylines. You may notice that I am fond of barns... if you know of any picturesque barns, please let me know. I'm always on the lookout!
A lovely sunset reflecting off a small lighthouse at Cape Foul Wind, New ZealandThe barn from an old farmstead in Capitol Reef National Park, UtahWe spent an hour photographing this interesting barn near Uniontown, Washington. The fence is made up of old wagon wheels and is really something to see.The colors and shapes of this scene in the Palouse just made a very satisfying image. Such images can be found all over the area.I was not really sure what the purpose of this little cottage was. If someone lived there it was very small. It was very picturesque in the Irish countryside though.Salt shack on Cochetopa Pass road in ColoradoEvery year the city of Denver lights up its city and county building. Here is the 2007 edition.A light-rail train arrives at Denver's Union Station. The station is lit for the holiday season.Denver's 16th Street mall lit for the holidays. A bus zipped through the image leaving the streaking lights.The Denver City and County building with a dreamy Photoshop effect.Denver's City and County building from the Greek Amphitheatre. I really liked the way the bricks reflected the surrounding lights.Holy Ghost church surrounded on three sides by a glass sky scraper. I liked the clouds overhead that looked like a swirling circle centered on the building.Downtown Denver skyline at twilight from Diamond Hill.Old meets new. A new sky scraper goes up near near the neo-classical federal courthouse in Denver.Holiday civic center building from the park. The park is pretty well lit allowing an image with trees at night.Road along the town wall to the cathedral in Hereford.View of Hereford cathedral from across the River Wye.

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